We’re located at 5729 E. 22nd Street between Craycroft and Wilmot on the north side of the street.  Look for the red brick building with the blue roof.  


If you pull in off of 22nd Street, guest parking is located on 22nd Street.  Designated spaces for our disabled guests are on the east side of the building.  Main parking is available on the north side of the church as well, and posted signage will help you get acclimated to the flow of traffic.  You can also check out the site map for a visual picture of the church campus.

Hope City Kids

Hope City Kids (Nursery, Pre-K & Grades, includes first thru fifth grade).  Check in at the Kid’s Center in the courtyard before entering the room that best suits your child’s life stage.  

Main Entrance

There are two ways to find the main entrance depending on if you park on 22nd Street (guest parking) or to the north side of the building (main parking).

From guest parking:  Enter through the courtyard into the Cafe/ Welcome Center for some light refreshments before the service starts.  The main entrance will be through the blue, double doors at the end of the courtyard.  

From main parking:  Enter through the glass doors marked “Main Entrance Here”.  This will take you into the Cafe/ Welcome Center where you can find light refreshments before you walk through the other side of the Cafe/ Welcome Center into the courtyard.  The main entrance to the sanctuary (blue, double doors at the end of the courtyard), or the children’s check-in will both be clearly marked by signs in the courtyard.


Our worship music is simple, but impactful.  The Bible is often taught verse-by-verse during our Sunday gatherings, so bring it if you’ve got one. If not, we will be happy to supply you with one. Overall, the environment is casual, but more importantly it is a place that is welcoming.


How do you feel most comfortable?  Some prefer a T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops.  Others dress business casual.  Still, others prefer to dress up in their “Sunday’s best”.  Any of these forms of fashion work for us and you will find all three of these embraced on any given Sunday.  The pastor rarely wears a suit, usually jeans and a polo shirt, sometimes shorts and a collared shirt.  The image isn’t what’s important.  We want to be a safe place for you to encounter the Spirit of God.  


When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our First Impressions Team members throughout the campus.  They can answer any questions you have about checking in children, where restrooms are located, or any special needs you may have.